"Ginger" Guest's interest in leathercraft began in 1973, whilst serving in the fire service.

After leaving the fire service in 1985, he joined Pearce Tandy as a store mangager, later to be promoted to general manager. During this time, he went to Texas studying various styles and techniques of leather carving.

In 1991, Guest Leathercraft was born, and since then, Ginger has taught leathercraft to all sorts of groups, including schools, scouts, and prisons.

Now Ginger owns Guest Leathercraft in Horwich, supplying leather, tools, books, dyes, finishes and tuition.

In addition, Ginger undertakes custon work, making special orders for customers.

Ginger has also made various items for well known films and stars.

To the right is a picture of the bag Ginger won an award for in Texas.